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Wharton, Christopher (I18014)
Otway, Sir John (I17958)
3 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I19878)
4 Leading Seaman - Royal Navy Wharton, J J (I11683)
5 Lord Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire Wharton, Rt Honorable Lord Phillip (I5944)
6 "dawn_ian_wharton" profile from has a wonderful history which has been researched for this family with a lot of background knowledge - also alot about the effects the first world war had on him.  Wharton, John Duncan (I13037)
7 *Bethea Wharton*
Relation to Head: Wife 
Wharton, Bethia (I256)
8 *name entered as Thomas Watson" but believe it should be WHARTON. Due to the fact that Ann Wharton daughter of Mary Lowe married above him on same census.*. No relation to head entered either. Wharton, Thomas (I1210)
9 -----------------------------------------

Name: Ken Wharton
Nationality: Great Britain
Date of birth: March 21, 1916 - Smethwick
Date of death: January 12, 1957 - Ardmore Circuit, New Zealand

Born in the middle of World War I, Wharton grew up in comfortable surroundings and at 19 was able to start racing with an Austin Seven at Donington Park. He competed wherever he could, including hillclimbs, sprints and even at the great Brooklands racing circuit. The outbreak of World War II ended all motorsport activities in Britain but Wharton was quick to return to racing when the war ended, starting out in trials.

A trained automotive engineer, Wharton built his own racing specials in his garage - a Ford dealership - at Smethwick, a suburb of Birmingham. He raced and rallied, winning the Tulip Rally for Ford on three occasions, while also being successful on the British club scene. When the new 500cc Formula 3 came along in 1950 Wharton began racing a Cooper-JAP before returning to hillclimbing and winning a string of championships.

He began racing in Grands Prix with a Frazer-Nash in 1952 at the opening round of the World Championship at Bremgarten in Berne. He finished fourth, which ironically would end up being his best F1 result. The Frazer-Nash was later replaced by a Cooper-Bristol but results were few and far between. Wharton began racing BRMs in Formula Libre and joined the Owen Organisation in 1954 to drive the team's Maserati 250F. He finished sixth in Berne and ran well in Britain and Spain. He also tried his hand at sports car racing with a factory Jaguar with which he won the Reims 12 Hours in 1954 with Peter Whitehead.

In 1955 he moved on to join the Vanwall team but then suffered a nasty accident in the International Trophy at Silverstone and suffered burns to his arms and neck. In the course of 1956 he drove whatever he was offered, including a Ferrari Monza which he took to third in the Australian Tourist Trophy in Melbourne. But at the start of 1957 he was killed when he crashed the same car at the New Zealand circuit of Ardmore. 
Wharton, Frederick Charles Kenneth (I11776)
10 13 March 1893: Discipline for having unauthorised person in van

11 Oct 1893: Discipline for Carelessness resulting in injury to a horse 
Wharton, Emmanuel (I26)
11 1841 birth entry for him states he has lived in Yorkshire for 13 years. So he moved to Hawes probably at around 1828. Wharton, Thomas Hays (I8696)
12 1841 Census for Mary Heptonstall

Name: Mary Heptonstall
Age: 20
Estimated birth year: abt 1821
Gender: Female
Where born: Lancashire, England
Civil Parish: Sephton
Hundred: West Derby
County/Island: Lancashire
Country: England

Household Members:
Name Age
Ann Heptonstall 25
Jane Heptonstall 25
Mary Heptonstall 20
Thomas Heptonstall 20

Class: HO107; Piece: 518; Book: 3; Civil Parish: Sephton; County: Lancashire; Enumeration District: 4; Folio: 10; Page: 14; Line: 10; GSU roll: 306905 
Heptonstall, Mary (I6842)
13 1841 Census for Rachel Dove

Name: Rachel Dove
Age: 7
Estimated birth year: abt 1834
Gender: Female
Civil Parish: Liverpool
Hundred: West Derby
County/Island: Lancashire
Country: England

Household Members:
Name Age
George Dove 45
Mary Dove 35
Amelia Dove 17
Rachel Dove 7
George Dove 3
Mary Dove 11 Mo
Dove, Rachel (I1122)
14 1851 census says born in Eccleshall, Staffordshire which is not far away Wharton, Charlotte (I246)
15 1851 census says born in Stone, Staffordshire which is not far from Cocknage Wharton, Aaron (I245)
16 1860 Borough of Sheffield Directory Entries. Listed as publican of Bull and Mouth at 30 Waingate.


Wharton, William Taylor (I8648)
17 1st Quarter (JAN/FEB/MAR) Wharton, Joseph (I9876)
18 1st Quarter (JAN/FEB/MAR) Wharton, William (I9222)
19 1st Quarter (JAN/FEB/MAR)  Wharton, Sarah Ann (I9816)
20 1st Quarter (JAN/FEB/MAR) Wharton, Mary Elizabeth (I10141)
21 1st Quarter (JAN/FEB/MAR)  Wharton, John (I10321)
22 2nd Quarter (APR/MAY/JUN)
Wharton, Ann (I9227)
23 2nd Quarter (APR/MAY/JUN) Wharton, Joseph (I9875)
24 2nd Quarter (APR/MAY/JUN) Wharton, Sarah Ann (I9815)
25 2nd Quarter (APR/MAY/JUN) Wharton, William (I10227)
26 2nd Quarter (APR/MAY/JUN) Wharton, Ann (I10258)
27 3rd (JUL/AUG/SEP)
Wharton, Charles (I1517)
28 3rd Quarter (JUL/AUG/SEP) Wharton, James (I818)
29 3rd Quarter (JUL/AUG/SEP) Wharton, William (I10228)
30 3rd Quarter (JUL/AUG/SEP) Wharton, John (I10322)
31 4th (OCT/NOV/DEC)
Wharton, Elizabeth J (I909)
32 4th (OCT/NOV/DEC)
Wharton, Elizabeth (I8933)
33 4th Baron Wharton Wharton, Rt Honorable Lord Phillip (I5944)
34 4th Quarter (OCT/NOV/DEC Wharton, William Forsyth (I9878)
35 4th Quarter (OCT/NOV/DEC)
Wharton, Ann (I9226)
36 4th Quarter (OCT/NOV/DEC)
Wharton, Joseph (I9515)
37 4th Quarter (OCT/NOV/DEC) Wharton, Alice (I10066)
38 4th Quarter (OCT/NOV/DEC)  Wharton, Mary Elizabeth (I10140)
39 89034 Private.F.W.Wharton, 30th.Battalion, London Regiment, Died 14th.October 1918, Aged 28.
Son of Mrs. Wharton, of 21, Church St., New Hinksey.  
Wharton, F W (I11576)
40  Wharton, William Lloyd (I2283)
41  Wharton, Robert (I18015)
42  Wharton, MP John (I17703)
43  Family F4044
44  Wharton, Reverend William (I8049)
45  Wharton, General James (I17700)
46  Wharton, Posthumus (I17954)
47  Otway, Sir John (I17958)
48  Otway, Mary (I17957)
49  Wharton, General James (I17700)
Saturday the 19th day of December, 1857

William Taylor Wharton, late of the Burns Coffee-house,
Tanner-row, York, out of business. In the Gaol of

Page 4544/4545 
Wharton, William Taylor (I8648)

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