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3101 Widower Worton, James (I8438)
3102 Widower Worton, Joseph (I8478)
3103 Wife WHARTON, Ann Ponder (I225)
3104 Wife Wharton, Mary (I12041)
3105 Wife Mildred Wharton also listed Wharton, Thomas Llewelyn (I5114)
3106 wife of John Worton Worton, Katherine (I5804)
3107 Wife of Joseph Wharton, Ann (I11419)
3108 Wife of Thomas Henry Wharton. Wharton, Ann (I11422)
3109 wife of Thomas Worton Washington, Alice (I5808)
3110 Wife of W A Wharton Marshall, Elysian (I10756)
Martin, Vera May (I1628)
3112 William Watson of Shipdham ? Widower.
Mary Wharton of Loddon, Spinster
Family F2282
3113 With

Jonathan Barber 70
Marialle Barber 70
John Barber 28 
Worton, Elizabeth (I7470)
3114 With
John Lambert 55
Ann Lambert 50 
Wharton, Angelo Heeves (I1487)
3115 With a family called "William (65) and Ann (50) Nash" Nash, Alice (I794)
3116 With Aunt (possibly mothers sister?):

Name: Hannah Lee
Age: 64
Estimated birth year: abt 1787
Relation: Head
Gender: Female
Where born: Hatton Garden 
WHARTON, Mary Sophia (I1426)
3117 With Aunt and Uncle

Joseph Knowles Head Married Male 66 1785 Butcher (Journeyman) Bewdley, Worcestershire
Sarah Knowles Wife Married Female 73 1778 - Shropshire
Wharton, Sarah (I8388)
3118 With aunt and uncle

Richard Wilson 55
Ann Wilson 51 
Warton, Antony (I9056)
3119 With Aunt and Uncle Sarah and William Pugh Warton, George (I8401)
3120 With Aunt and Uncle:

William Curphey Head Married Male 32 1819 Brewer Liverpool, Lancashire
Ellen Curphey Wife Married Female 23 1828 - Liverpool, Lancashire
Wharton, Mary (I6939)
3121 With grandfather John Robbins and her parents GRUMMETT, Susanna (I230)
3122 With grandparents Warton, George Edward Cross (I12421)
3123 With grandparents Anthony & Sarah Wharton Landon, Matilda A (I6402)
3124 With grandparents Henry and Phoebe Hutt Wharton, Emma (I7361)
3125 with grandparents: James Hobbs b1787 Cricklade, Wiltshire, England and Mary Hobbs b1787 Cricklade, Wiltshire, England Warton, Maria (I6398)
3126 With her parents GRUMMETT, Susanna (I230)
3127 With her sister Ann Bobby (nee Wharton) Wharton, Elizabeth (I1079)
3128 With her sister Ann Bobby (nee Wharton) Wharton, Jane Susan Mary (I1034)
3129 With her uncle and aunt

Joseph Rawlinson Head Married Male 41
Mary Rawlinson Wife Married Female 46
Wharton, Hannah (I6881)
3130 With his Aunt

Alice Aspinall, Widow aged 70 b1781 Annuitant Hindley, Lancashire
Wharton, Daniel (I6811)
3131 With his father Beeston, John Dunn Christmas (I229)
3132 With his Niece called Jane Thompson, Age 34 born: London, Middlesex Wharton, Francis (I8695)
3133 with his twin sister Jane WHARTON, William (I3045)
3134 With husband Albert Vagg Wharton
Home Duties 
Hallett, Edith Fanny (I52)
3135 With husband Albert Vagg Wharton
Home Duties 
Hallett, Edith Fanny (I52)
3136 with husband Robert, Filles Wharton, and William Nelson Wharton, Susan (I11286)
3137 with nephew

Name: Robert Lawton
Age: 49
Estimated birth year: abt 1802
Relation: Head
Gender: Male
Where born: Warrington, Lancashire, England
Civil Parish: Rixton with Glazebrook

Also with niece

Name: Mary Weston
Age: 51
Estimated birth year: abt 1800
Relation: Sister
Gender: Female
Where born: Warrington, Lancashire, England
Civil Parish: Rixton with Glazebrook 
Warton, James (I7027)
3138 with parents and siblings Wharton, James Harvey (I371)
3139 With Thomas and Sarah Wharton and siblings John, Mary Anne, Thomas, Sarah, Celina, Alice and Betsy Wharton, Abel (I509)
3140 with twin brother William WHARTON, Jane (I3046)
3141 With Uncle and Aunt

James Champ 37 b Stadhampton, Oxfordshire, England
Jane Champ 43 b Haseley, Oxfordshire, England 
Warton, John (I7567)
3142 With Uncle and Aunt Leonard Backler (age 35 born Suffolk, England) and Elizabeth Backler (age 33 born Woolwich) Wharton, Priscilla (I7311)
3143 With Uncle on same census

Francie Little
Head Married Male age 40 b1811 Mot In Trade born Lewri, Sussex
Wharton, Hannah (I6920)
3144 With uncle Samuel Malone Herbert Age: 44
Estimated birth year: abt 1807 in Lambeth, Surrey, England 
Wharton, Mary Edith (I9008)
3145 With wife Edith Fanny at same address
Occupation: Labourer 
Wharton, Albert Vagg (I41)
3146 Witnesses: James Legget/Sarah Wharton
Bride/Groom of the parish of Norwich and both single
Family F2269
3147 Works in cotton factory, unmarried Spencer, James (I6322)
3148 Would be Teesdale Registration district Wharton, Margaret (I908)

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