Southwark, London, England


Notes: Formerly in county of Surrey now in county of Greater London.

Southwark (/ˈsʌərk/ sudh-ərk)[1] is a district of Central London and part of the London Borough of Southwark. Situated 1.5 miles (2.4 km) east of Charing Cross, it forms one of the oldest parts of London and fronts the River Thames to the north. It historically formed an ancient borough in the county of Surrey, made up of a number of parishes, which increasingly came under the influence and jurisdiction of the City of London.

The ancient borough of Southwark initially consisted of the Surrey parishes of St George the Martyr, St Olave, St Margaret and St Mary.


Latitude: 51.502781, Longitude: -0.0877379999999448


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Warton, Charlotte  1874Southwark, London, England I14306
2 Warton, Ellen T  c. 1858Southwark, London, England I13977
3 Warton, Henry  c. 1830Southwark, London, England I7709
4 Warton, Henry  1843Southwark, London, England I9772
5 Warton, Jane  c. 1847Southwark, London, England I7685
6 Warton, Leonard Alexander  1889Southwark, London, England I14308
7 Warton, Mary Ann  c. 1842Southwark, London, England I7684
8 Warton, Robert Charles Edward James  1874Southwark, London, England I14307
9 Wharton, Albert  1877Southwark, London, England I14286
10 Wharton, Albert Arthur  1859Southwark, London, England I20519
11 Wharton, Albert Sydney  1892Southwark, London, England I14294
12 Wharton, Amelia Florence  1873Southwark, London, England I14284
13 Wharton, Ann  1841Southwark, London, England I20586
14 Wharton, Annie Andrews  1880Southwark, London, England I14277
15 Wharton, Annie Lydia  1887Southwark, London, England I14281
16 Wharton, Beatrice Florence Sydney  1879Southwark, London, England I14264
17 Wharton, Beatrice Mary  1857Southwark, London, England I20518
18 Wharton, Beatrice Mary  1880Southwark, London, England I14242
19 Wharton, Charles Alfred  1863Southwark, London, England I14262
20 Wharton, Charles H  c. 1830Southwark, London, England I7645
21 Wharton, Charles John  1891Southwark, London, England I14283
22 Wharton, Edgar Ernest  1894Southwark, London, England I14295
23 Wharton, Edna Mary  1900Southwark, London, England I14303
24 Wharton, Eleanor Mary  1872Southwark, London, England I14253
25 Wharton, Eliza Elizabeth  1859Southwark, London, England I20589
26 Wharton, Elizabeth  1848Southwark, London, England I14076
27 Wharton, Elizabeth  1855Southwark, London, England I20548
28 Wharton, Elizabeth  1892Southwark, London, England I14271
29 Wharton, Elizabeth  1900Southwark, London, England I14276
30 Wharton, Elizabeth Ann  1871Southwark, London, England I14292
31 Wharton, Emily  1889Southwark, London, England I14269
32 Wharton, Emily Annie  1863Southwark, London, England I20490
33 Wharton, Emily Charlotte  1874Southwark, London, England I14254
34 Wharton, Emily Laura  1892Southwark, London, England I14261
35 Wharton, Ethel  1890Southwark, London, England I14293
36 Wharton, Florence Elizabeth  1877Southwark, London, England I14255
37 Wharton, Florence Hannah Ann  1855Southwark, London, England I20517
38 Wharton, Frank  1887Southwark, London, England I14268
39 Wharton, Frank William  1892Southwark, London, England I14300
40 Wharton, George  1838Southwark, London, England I1359
41 Wharton, George  1896Southwark, London, England I14245
42 Wharton, Hannah Elizabeth  1886Southwark, London, England I14267
43 Wharton, Henry  c. 1836Southwark, London, England I7664
44 Wharton, Henry  1844Southwark, London, England I20497
45 Wharton, Henry  c. 1845Southwark, London, England I7654
46 Wharton, Henry  1894Southwark, London, England I14244
47 Wharton, Henry Jesse  1888Southwark, London, England I14288
48 Wharton, Henry John  1871Southwark, London, England I14248
49 Wharton, Henry Richard  1890Southwark, London, England I14305
50 Wharton, Henry Stevens  1898Southwark, London, England I14302

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Joseph William Faulkner  1903Southwark, London, England I13720


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Warton, Hanna  1851Southwark, London, England I7682
2 Warton, Henry  1851Southwark, London, England I7709
3 Warton, Jane  1851Southwark, London, England I7685
4 Warton, Mary Ann  1851Southwark, London, England I7684
5 Warton, Sarah  1851Southwark, London, England I7683
6 Warton, William  1851Southwark, London, England I7681
7 Wharton, Ann  1851Southwark, London, England I352
8 Wharton, C E  1851Southwark, London, England I7201
9 Wharton, Charlotte  1851Southwark, London, England I7656
10 Wharton, George  1851Southwark, London, England I7657
11 Wharton, George  1851Southwark, London, England I1359
12 Wharton, Henry  1851Southwark, London, England I7199
13 Wharton, Henry  1851Southwark, London, England I7664
14 Wharton, James  1851Southwark, London, England I351
15 Wharton, James  1851Southwark, London, England I7662
16 Wharton, John  1851Southwark, London, England I7663
17 Wharton, Mary  1851Southwark, London, England I7659
18 Wharton, Mary  1851Southwark, London, England I7661
19 Wharton, William  1851Southwark, London, England I7658
20 Wharton, William  1851Southwark, London, England I7660


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Wharton / Clifford  24 Jun 1577Southwark, London, England F2337