Liverpool, Lancashire, England



Latitude: 53.4083714, Longitude: -2.9915726000000404


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allison, Lydia  c. 1782Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3142
2 Boardman, Margaret  c. 1850Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7082
3 Carter, Frederick  c. 1863Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6978
4 COLLIER, Clarice Mary  1910Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1180
5 Crosby, James Wharton  1839Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3148
6 Dobell, Ellen  c. 1831Liverpool, Lancashire, England I23315
7 Doyle, Elizabeth  c. 1838Liverpool, Lancashire, England I23793
8 Doyle, Margaret  c. 1834Liverpool, Lancashire, England I23792
9 Holden, Maria  c. 1819Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6934
10 Hook, Sarah  c. 1812Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6867
11 Howe, Frances  c. 1811Liverpool, Lancashire, England  I8358
12 Irving, Elizabeth  c. 1821Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6874
13 Lowe, Ann  c. 1828Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1204
14 Lowe, Charles  c. 1840Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1207
15 Lowe, James  c. 1833Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1205
16 Lowe, Mary  c. 1803Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1203
17 Lowe, Mary  c. 1842Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1206
18 Moulson, Catherine  Abt 1862Liverpool, Lancashire, England I548
19 Parker, Hannah  c. 1785Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6250
20 Simpson, Elizabeth  c.1816Liverpool, Lancashire, England I22453
21 Wainwright, Arthur  c. 1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6825
22 Warton, Elizabeth  c. 1833Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6146
23 Warton, Grace  c. 1841Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7077
24 Warton, Harriett Ann  c. 1832Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6145
25 Warton, Isabella  c. 1847Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7079
26 Warton, Margaret  c. 1838Liverpool, Lancashire, England  I7037
27 Warton, Mary  c. 1817Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7081
28 Warton, Thomas  c. 1794Liverpool, Lancashire, England  I7038
29 Warton, Thomas  c. 1811Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7080
30 Warton, Thomas  c. 1843Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7078
31 Watkins, Elizabeth  c. 1817Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6582
32 Wharton, Aaron  1857Liverpool, Lancashire, England I254
33 Wharton, Aaron  1857Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9196
34 Wharton, Alice  c. 1791Liverpool, Lancashire, England I787
35 Wharton, Alice  1847Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9230
36 Wharton, Alice  1854Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9231
37 Wharton, Alice  1864Liverpool, Lancashire, England  I9232
38 Wharton, Ann  c.1824Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9300
39 Wharton, Ann  c. 1831Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1224
40 Wharton, Ann  1839Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1493
41 Wharton, Ann  1841Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6534
42 Wharton, Ann  1841Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9226
43 Wharton, Ann  1841Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9227
44 Wharton, Ann  c. 1842Liverpool, Lancashire, England I17782
45 Wharton, Ann  1847Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9233
46 Wharton, Ann  1849Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1159
47 Wharton, Ann  1854Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9234
48 Wharton, Ann  1871Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9235
49 Wharton, Ann  1871Liverpool, Lancashire, England I24550
50 Wharton, Ann  1877Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9236

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Crosby, James Wharton  26 Jan 1840Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3148
2 Dobell, Ellen  5 Oct 1831Liverpool, Lancashire, England I23315
3 Wharton, Charles James Wilson  4 Nov 1813Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9265
4 Wharton, Eliza Amanda  4 Feb 1872Liverpool, Lancashire, England I22217
5 Wharton, Elizabeth  25 Sep 1844Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6870
6 Wharton, Elizabeth  12 Jan 1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I21461
7 Wharton, Finney Harrison  10 Mar 1847Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9264
8 Wharton, Henry Ellis  22 Feb 1846Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6851
9 Wharton, John Hook  15 Sep 1852Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10605
10 Wharton, Joseph Westhead  15 May 1816Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10160
11 Wharton, Maria Harrison  27 Oct 1840Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6869
12 Wharton, Mary Ellen  16 Mar 1845Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7005
13 Wharton, Mary Maria  4 Nov 1868Liverpool, Lancashire, England I24513
14 Wharton, Richard  18 May 1868Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10622
15 Wharton, Sarah Jane  23 Oct 1865Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10593
16 Wharton, Susannah Clarkson  25 Apr 1849Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6871
17 Wharton, Thomas  23 Oct 1853Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10608
18 Wharton, William Hook  9 Aug 1842Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9259


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dove, Rachel  1869Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1122
2 Hornby, Ann  1860Liverpool, Lancashire, England I19929
3 Robinson, Elizabeth Ann  18 Sep 1934Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11543
4 Warton, Richard  1923Liverpool, Lancashire, England I8357
5 Wharton, Caroline  16 Aug 1952Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3083
6 Wharton, Charles James Wilson  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9265
7 Wharton, Finney Harrison  12 Jan 1849Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9264
8 Wharton, George Henry  7 Jun 1961Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3091
9 Wharton, George William  1868Liverpool, Lancashire, England I24514
10 Wharton, Jane  1837Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2846
11 Wharton, Thomas  1900Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6853


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Finney Harrison  16 Jan 1849Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9264


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Anderton, Elizabeth  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6858
2 Boardman, Margaret  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7082
3 Hart, Margaret  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I21460
4 Hook, Sarah  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6867
5 Hook, Sarah  1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6867
6 Hornby, Ann  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I19929
7 Irving, Elizabeth  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6874
8 Murphy, Agnes  1881Liverpool, Lancashire, England I15741
9 Warton, Grace  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7077
10 Warton, Isabella  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7079
11 Warton, Margaret  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7076
12 Warton, Mary  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7081
13 Warton, Thomas  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7075
14 Warton, Thomas  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7078
15 Warton, Thomas  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7080
16 Wharton, Aaron  7 Apr 1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I254
17 Wharton, Ann  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I912
18 Wharton, Ann  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1012
19 Wharton, Ann  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1159
20 Wharton, Ann  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1224
21 Wharton, Ann Elizabeth  30 Mar 1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6852
22 Wharton, Ann Elizabeth  7 Apr 1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6852
23 Wharton, Catherine  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6861
24 Wharton, Cecelia  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6865
25 Wharton, Charles James Wilson  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9265
26 Wharton, Charles Napier  1881Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10282
27 Wharton, Christopher  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6859
28 Wharton, Eliza  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6905
29 Wharton, Elizabeth  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1124
30 Wharton, Elizabeth  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6870
31 Wharton, Elizabeth  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10584
32 Wharton, Elizabeth  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I21461
33 Wharton, Elizabeth  30 Mar 1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6850
34 Wharton, Elizabeth  1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6870
35 Wharton, Elizabeth  7 Apr 1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6850
36 Wharton, Ellen  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6901
37 Wharton, Ellis  30 Mar 1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I252
38 Wharton, Frederick Henry  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6872
39 Wharton, George  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6873
40 Wharton, George  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6880
41 Wharton, Hannah  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6881
42 Wharton, Harriet  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1013
43 Wharton, Henry  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6857
44 Wharton, Henry Ellis  30 Mar 1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6851
45 Wharton, Henry Ellis  7 Apr 1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6851
46 Wharton, Horatio Nelson  1881Liverpool, Lancashire, England I15742
47 Wharton, James  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6862
48 Wharton, James  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6863
49 Wharton, Jane  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6882
50 Wharton, Jane  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6884

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Criminal Conviction

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Criminal Conviction    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Ellis  23 Feb 1859Liverpool, Lancashire, England I252
2 Wharton, Ellis  27 Aug 1860Liverpool, Lancashire, England I252
3 Wharton, Ellis  12 Dec 1865Liverpool, Lancashire, England I252


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Thomas  1849Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3139
2 Wharton, Thomas  23 Oct 1865Liverpool, Lancashire, England I21140


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Caroline  1952Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3083
2 Wharton, George Henry  1961Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3091
3 Wharton, Thomas Huddleston  8 May 1884Liverpool, Lancashire, England I291
4 Wharton, William  1845Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7001


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Crosby / Edwards  9 May 1859Liverpool, Lancashire, England F5300
2 Spencer / Wharton  20 Aug 1873Liverpool, Lancashire, England F654
3 Wharton / Allison  21 Sep 1809Liverpool, Lancashire, England F471
4 Wharton / Barrow  18 May 1853Liverpool, Lancashire, England F135
5 Wharton / Clarey  4 Oct 1868Liverpool, Lancashire, England F113
6 Wharton / Coathup  3 Feb 1850Liverpool, Lancashire, England F5732
7 Wharton / Dove  30 Sep 1867Liverpool, Lancashire, England F2406
8 Wharton / Holden  10 Oct 1836Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1407
9 Wharton / Meadows  11 Oct 1849Liverpool, Lancashire, England F470
10 Wharton / Meadows  10 Apr 1856Liverpool, Lancashire, England F5617
11 Wharton / Moss  1898Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1415
12 Wharton / Moulson  1890Liverpool, Lancashire, England F141
13 Wharton / RUSSELL  01 Apr 1878Liverpool, Lancashire, England F136
14 Wharton / Simpson  25 Nov 1833Liverpool, Lancashire, England F5327
15 Wharton / Wharton  1845Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1311