Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England


Notes: Chorlton-cum-Hardy is a suburban area of the city of Manchester, England, known locally as Chorlton. It is about four miles southwest of Manchester city centre. Historically, Chorlton was a village on Lancashire's southern border with Cheshire, and a township within the ancient parish of Manchester. It was incorporated into the city of Manchester in 1904. Chorlton borders Stretford, Sale, Didsbury, Withington, and Whalley Range.

Also see Chorlton-on-Medlock, Lancashire and Chorlton, Lancashire, England (Registration district)


Latitude: 53.442, Longitude: -2.277


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Wharton, George  c. 1787Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I6880
2 Wharton, John Ralph  1894Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11742


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arstall, Helene Willoughby  1951Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11635
2 Wharton, Alathea  1900Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11375
3 Wharton, Albert  1936Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11377
4 Wharton, Alice  1910Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11390
5 Wharton, Alice  1937Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11393
6 Wharton, Angela  1991Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11415
7 Wharton, Ann  1896Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11420
8 Wharton, Ann  1906Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11416
9 Wharton, Ann  1910Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11418
10 Wharton, Ann  1916Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11417
11 Wharton, Annie  1927Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11458
12 Wharton, Annie  1980Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11457
13 Wharton, Barbara  14 Apr 1943Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11475
14 Wharton, Caroline  1912Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11485
15 Wharton, Charles Frederick  1919Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11501
16 Wharton, Charlotte  1891Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11504
17 Wharton, Charlotte Annie  1961Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11510
18 Wharton, Charlotte Ashe  1955Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11511
19 Wharton, Constance Hettie Bowler  1915Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11517
20 Wharton, Doris  1948Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11519
21 Wharton, Eliza Ellen  1922Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11535
22 Wharton, Elizabeth  1894Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11542
23 Wharton, Elizabeth  1904Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11536
24 Wharton, Elizabeth  1906Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11540
25 Wharton, Elizabeth  1911Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11541
26 Wharton, Elsie  1941Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11554
27 Wharton, Ernest  1920Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11561
28 Wharton, Ernest  1955Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11562
29 Wharton, Ernest Abraham  1917Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11564
30 Wharton, Ethel  1984Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11568
31 Wharton, Eva  1960Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11572
32 Wharton, Florence  1975Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11579
33 Wharton, Florence Violet  1974Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11582
34 Wharton, Frank Littlewood  1902Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11587
35 Wharton, Fred  1887Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11590
36 Wharton, Freda Mary  1906Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11592
37 Wharton, Frederick  1900Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11594
38 Wharton, Frederick  1934Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11593
39 Wharton, George  1919Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11603
40 Wharton, George  1955Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11602
41 Wharton, Gertrude Ethel  1926Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11612
42 Wharton, Harold  1928Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11628
43 Wharton, Harriet  1925Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I10747
44 Wharton, Harriet Ellen  1927Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11069
45 Wharton, Harry  1956Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11629
46 Wharton, Helen Gertrude  1951Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11634
47 Wharton, Herbert  1880Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11661
48 Wharton, Herbert James  1917Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11662
49 Wharton, Hugh John  1933Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11666
50 Wharton, Hugh Norman  1899Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11667

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Arstall, Helene Willoughby  17 Feb 1951Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11635
2 Wharton, Agnes  17 Nov 1881Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I7406
3 Wharton, Alathea  20 Jun 1900Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11375
4 Wharton, Albert  29 Oct 1936Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11377
5 Wharton, Alice  30 Apr 1910Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11390
6 Wharton, Alice  15 Sep 1937Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11393
7 Wharton, Angela  18 Feb 1991Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11415
8 Wharton, Ann  16 Jul 1896Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11420
9 Wharton, Ann  2 Feb 1906Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11416
10 Wharton, Ann  10 May 1910Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11418
11 Wharton, Ann  5 Oct 1916Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11417
12 Wharton, Annie  29 Oct 1927Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11458
13 Wharton, Annie  10 Jan 1980Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11457
14 Wharton, Barbara  Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11475
15 Wharton, Caroline  17 Feb 1912Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11485
16 Wharton, Charles Frederick  26 Jul 1919Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11501
17 Wharton, Charles Henry Marriott  14 Apr 1927Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I7088
18 Wharton, Charlotte  15 Aug 1891Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11504
19 Wharton, Charlotte Annie  6 Sep 1961Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11510
20 Wharton, Charlotte Ashe  7 Feb 1955Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11511
21 Wharton, Constance Hettie Bowler  2 Aug 1915Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11517
22 Wharton, Doris  8 Jan 1948Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11519
23 Wharton, Eliza Ellen  23 Jun 1922Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11535
24 Wharton, Elizabeth  8 Mar 1894Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11542
25 Wharton, Elizabeth  8 Oct 1904Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11536
26 Wharton, Elizabeth  18 Aug 1906Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11540
27 Wharton, Elizabeth  6 Sep 1911Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11541
28 Wharton, Elsie  1 Dec 1941Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11554
29 Wharton, Ernest  23 Jan 1920Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11561
30 Wharton, Ernest  21 Mar 1955Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11562
31 Wharton, Ernest Abraham  28 Jun 1917Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11564
32 Wharton, Ethel  23 May 1984Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11568
33 Wharton, Eva  16 Jun 1960Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11572
34 Wharton, Florence  4 Feb 1975Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11579
35 Wharton, Florence Violet  18 Sep 1974Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11582
36 Wharton, Frank Littlewood  2 Oct 1902Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11587
37 Wharton, Fred  21 Feb 1887Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11590
38 Wharton, Freda Mary  31 Oct 1906Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11592
39 Wharton, Frederick  23 Apr 1900Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11594
40 Wharton, Frederick  28 Mar 1934Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11593
41 Wharton, George  31 Jan 1919Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11603
42 Wharton, George  23 Nov 1955Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11602
43 Wharton, Gertrude Ethel  13 May 1926Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11612
44 Wharton, Harold  14 Jan 1928Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11628
45 Wharton, Harriet  22 Jun 1925Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I10747
46 Wharton, Harriet Ellen  18 Oct 1927Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11069
47 Wharton, Harry  14 Apr 1956Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11629
48 Wharton, Helen Gertrude  3 Jan 1951Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11634
49 Wharton, Herbert  11 Aug 1880Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11661
50 Wharton, Herbert James  14 May 1917Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I11662

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Thomas  14 Feb 1823Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I5996


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Ann  14 Feb 1823Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Lancashire, England I5997