Dudley, Worcestershire, England



Registration County : Staffordshire (1837-1912), Worcestershire (1913-66), Staffordshire (1966-74), West Midlands (from 1974).

About Dudley
Dudley is a large town in the West Midlands of England, 6 miles (9.7 km) south-east of Wolverhampton and 8 miles (13 km) north-west of Birmingham. Originally a market town, Dudley was one of the birthplaces of the Industrial Revolution and grew into an industrial centre in the 19th century with its iron, coal, and limestone industries before their decline and the relocation of its commercial centre to the nearby Merry Hill Shopping Centre in the 1980s. For many years the town (but not the castle, which was outside the boundary in Staffordshire) formed part of an exclave of the county of Worcestershire. Despite the more recent changes in county boundaries, the town and borough still remain part of the Anglican Diocese of Worcester.


Latitude: 52.512255, Longitude: -2.081111999999962


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jacques, Aaron  c. 1828Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7779
2 Jacques, Sarah  c. 1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7780
3 Walton, Female  1848Dudley, Worcestershire, England I16043
4 Warton, Ann Maria  1849Dudley, Worcestershire, England I9804
5 Wharton, Elizabeth  1838Dudley, Worcestershire, England I1399
6 Wharton, Susannah  c. 1777Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7770
7 Whorton, James  c. 1835Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8519
8 Whorton, John  c. 1827Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8518
9 Whorton, Samuel  c. 1838Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8520
10 Whorton, William Underhill  c. 1878Dudley, Worcestershire, England I21416
11 Wick, Elizabeth  c. 1806Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8521
12 Wick, Sarah  c. 1844Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8524
13 Woodhall, Ann  c. 1812Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8512
14 Woodhall, Eliza  c. 1837Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8513
15 Woodhall, Elizabeth  c. 1833Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8517
16 Woodhall, Joseph  c. 1809Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8511
17 Woodhall, Joseph  c. 1847Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8515
18 Woodhall, Noah  c. 1850Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8516
19 Woodhall, Sarah  c. 1842Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8514
20 Worton, Elisha  13 Jan 1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8504
21 Worton, Elizabeth  c. 1796Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8425
22 Worton, Elizabeth  c. 1838Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8024
23 Worton, Elizabeth  c. 1845Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8502
24 Worton, John  c. 1837Dudley, Worcestershire, England I9085
25 Worton, Joseph  c. 1830Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8478
26 Worton, Lucy   c. 1831Dudley, Worcestershire, England I9082
27 Worton, Samuel  c. 1811Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7943
28 Worton, Samuel  c. 1828Dudley, Worcestershire, England I17529
29 Worton, Samuel  c. 1847Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8503
30 Worton, Sarah  c. 1835Dudley, Worcestershire, England I9084
31 Worton, Thomas  c. 1843Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8501


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Worton, Elisha  16 Feb 1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8504


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Jacques, Aaron  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7779
2 Jacques, Sarah  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7780
3 Wharton, Amelia  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7774
4 Wharton, Ann M  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7777
5 Wharton, Henry  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7775
6 Wharton, Jane  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7773
7 Wharton, John  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7771
8 Wharton, Mariah  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7772
9 Wharton, Susannah  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7770
10 Wharton, Thomas  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7776
11 Whorton, James  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8519
12 Whorton, John  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8518
13 Whorton, Samuel  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8520
14 Wick, Elizabeth  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8521
15 Wick, George  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8523
16 Wick, Sarah  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8524
17 Woodhall, Ann  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8512
18 Woodhall, Eliza  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8513
19 Woodhall, Elizabeth  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8517
20 Woodhall, Joseph  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8511
21 Woodhall, Joseph  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8515
22 Woodhall, Noah  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8516
23 Woodhall, Sarah  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8514
24 Worton, Amos  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7963
25 Worton, Elisha  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8504
26 Worton, Elisha  1861Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8504
27 Worton, Elizabeth  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8024
28 Worton, Elizabeth  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8502
29 Worton, Elizabeth  1861Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8502
30 Worton, Hannah  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8499
31 Worton, Hannah  1861Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8499
32 Worton, John  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7890
33 Worton, John  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7957
34 Worton, John  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7960
35 Worton, Joseph  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8478
36 Worton, Josh  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7959
37 Worton, Mary  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7958
38 Worton, Phillis  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8500
39 Worton, Phillis  1861Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8500
40 Worton, Rosannah  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7962
41 Worton, Samuel  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7961
42 Worton, Samuel  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8503
43 Worton, Samuel  1861Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8503
44 Worton, Sarah Ann  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8483
45 Worton, Sarah Ann  1861Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8483
46 Worton, Thomas  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8498
47 Worton, Thomas  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8501
48 Worton, Thomas  1861Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8498
49 Worton, Thomas  1861Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8501


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Walton / Chater  1858Dudley, Worcestershire, England F3249
2 Worton / Roberts  1879Dudley, Worcestershire, England F1780