Norham, Northumberland, England



Latitude: 55.717775, Longitude: -2.159850000000006


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sanderson, David  c. 1861Norham, Northumberland, England I11382
2 Sanderson, Margaret  c. 1855Norham, Northumberland, England I11381
3 Sanderson, Thomas  c. 1839Norham, Northumberland, England I11380
4 Wharton, Adam  c. 1885Norham, Northumberland, England I11352
5 Wharton, Adam Albert  8 May 1910Norham, Northumberland, England I11351
6 Wharton, Agnes  c. 1830Norham, Northumberland, England I669
7 Wharton, Eleanor  31 Dec 1889Norham, Northumberland, England I11358
8 Wharton, Eliza  c. 1833Norham, Northumberland, England I7395
9 Wharton, Elizabeth  17 Apr 1887Norham, Northumberland, England I11357
10 Wharton, George  c. 1825Norham, Northumberland, England I7401
11 Wharton, George  1865Norham, Northumberland, England I11355
12 Wharton, George  1896Norham, Northumberland, England I11361
13 Wharton, George Edward  8 May 1910Norham, Northumberland, England I11354
14 Wharton, Isabella  c. 1836Norham, Northumberland, England I7407
15 Wharton, James  c. 1828Norham, Northumberland, England I668
16 Wharton, James  3 Oct 1894Norham, Northumberland, England I11360
17 Wharton, Margaret  c. 1796Norham, Northumberland, England I666
18 Wharton, Margaret  1869Norham, Northumberland, England I11371
19 Wharton, Margaret J  c.1900Norham, Northumberland, England I11362
20 Wharton, Mary  c. 1820Norham, Northumberland, England I667
21 Wharton, Mary Mason  12 Apr 1892Norham, Northumberland, England I11359
22 Wharton, Oliver  c. 1841Norham, Northumberland, England I670
23 Wharton, Oliver  1861Norham, Northumberland, England I11369
24 Wharton, Robert  c. 1863Norham, Northumberland, England I11370
25 Younger, Elizabeth  c. 1834Norham, Northumberland, England I11368


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Agnes  12 Jul 1829Norham, Northumberland, England I669
2 Wharton, Eliza  10 Feb 1833Norham, Northumberland, England I7395
3 Wharton, George  21 Jun 1865Norham, Northumberland, England I11355
4 Wharton, Isabella  29 Nov 1835Norham, Northumberland, England I7407
5 Wharton, Oliver  3 Oct 1841Norham, Northumberland, England I670
6 Wharton, Oliver  11 Aug 1861Norham, Northumberland, England I11369


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Adam  3 Feb 1961Norham, Northumberland, England I11352


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Ampleford, Mary Elizabeth  1911Norham, Northumberland, England I11353
2 Sanderson, David  1861Norham, Northumberland, England I11382
3 Sanderson, Margaret  1861Norham, Northumberland, England I11381
4 Sanderson, Thomas  1861Norham, Northumberland, England I11380
5 Sproat, Jane  1891Norham, Northumberland, England I11356
6 Sproat, Jane  1901Norham, Northumberland, England I11356
7 Wharton, Adam  1891Norham, Northumberland, England I11352
8 Wharton, Adam  1901Norham, Northumberland, England I11352
9 Wharton, Adam  1911Norham, Northumberland, England I11352
10 Wharton, Adam Albert  1911Norham, Northumberland, England I11351
11 Wharton, Agnes  1841Norham, Northumberland, England I669
12 Wharton, Agnes  1851Norham, Northumberland, England I669
13 Wharton, Eleanor  1891Norham, Northumberland, England I11358
14 Wharton, Eleanor  1901Norham, Northumberland, England I11358
15 Wharton, Eliza  1841Norham, Northumberland, England I7395
16 Wharton, Eliza  1851Norham, Northumberland, England I7395
17 Wharton, Eliza  1861Norham, Northumberland, England I7395
18 Wharton, Elizabeth  1891Norham, Northumberland, England I11357
19 Wharton, Elizabeth  1901Norham, Northumberland, England I11357
20 Wharton, George  1871Norham, Northumberland, England I11355
21 Wharton, George  1891Norham, Northumberland, England I11355
22 Wharton, George  1901Norham, Northumberland, England I11355
23 Wharton, George  1901Norham, Northumberland, England I11361
24 Wharton, George Edward  1911Norham, Northumberland, England I11354
25 Wharton, Isabella  1841Norham, Northumberland, England I7407
26 Wharton, James  1841Norham, Northumberland, England I668
27 Wharton, James  1851Norham, Northumberland, England I668
28 Wharton, James  1861Norham, Northumberland, England I668
29 Wharton, James  1871Norham, Northumberland, England I668
30 Wharton, James  1881Norham, Northumberland, England I668
31 Wharton, James  1901Norham, Northumberland, England I11360
32 Wharton, Margaret  1841Norham, Northumberland, England I666
33 Wharton, Margaret  1851Norham, Northumberland, England I666
34 Wharton, Margaret  1871Norham, Northumberland, England I11371
35 Wharton, Margaret  1881Norham, Northumberland, England I11371
36 Wharton, Margaret J  1901Norham, Northumberland, England I11362
37 Wharton, Mary  1851Norham, Northumberland, England I667
38 Wharton, Mary Mason  1901Norham, Northumberland, England I11359
39 Wharton, Oliver  1841Norham, Northumberland, England I665
40 Wharton, Oliver  1851Norham, Northumberland, England I665
41 Wharton, Oliver  1851Norham, Northumberland, England I670
42 Wharton, Oliver  1851Norham, Northumberland, England I665
43 Wharton, Oliver  1861Norham, Northumberland, England I11369
44 Wharton, Oliver  1861Norham, Northumberland, England I665
45 Wharton, Oliver  1871Norham, Northumberland, England I11369
46 Wharton, Robert  1871Norham, Northumberland, England I11370
47 Wharton, Robert  1881Norham, Northumberland, England I11370
48 Younger, Elizabeth  1861Norham, Northumberland, England I11368
49 Younger, Elizabeth  1871Norham, Northumberland, England I11368


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allan / Wharton  1921Norham, Northumberland, England F2316
2 Armstrong / Wharton  1890Norham, Northumberland, England F2318
3 Oliver / Wharton  1914Norham, Northumberland, England F2314
4 Saunders / Wharton  1924Norham, Northumberland, England F2315