Orton, Westmorland, England



Latitude: 54.468185, Longitude: -2.581167999999934


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Savage, Isabella  c. 1809Orton, Westmorland, England I8279
2 Warton, Hannah  c. 1796Orton, Westmorland, England I6131
3 Wharton, Agnes  c. 1831Orton, Westmorland, England I22149
4 Wharton, Ann  c. 1776Orton, Westmorland, England I644
5 Wharton, Ann  c. 1812Orton, Westmorland, England I22163
6 Wharton, Ann  c. 1821Orton, Westmorland, England I22142
7 Wharton, Ann  c. 1831Orton, Westmorland, England I1226
8 Wharton, Ann  1839Orton, Westmorland, England I8281
9 Wharton, Ann  1846Orton, Westmorland, England I22140
10 Wharton, Anthony  c. 1777Orton, Westmorland, England I7632
11 Wharton, Barbara  c. 1806Orton, Westmorland, England I8266
12 Wharton, Christopher  c. 1828Orton, Westmorland, England I6912
13 Wharton, Elizabeth  c. 1793Orton, Westmorland, England I6910
14 Wharton, Elizabeth  c. 1818Orton, Westmorland, England I22144
15 Wharton, Elizabeth  c. 1829Orton, Westmorland, England I8290
16 Wharton, Hannah  c. 1806Orton, Westmorland, England I22162
17 Wharton, Isabel  c. 1796Orton, Westmorland, England I8286
18 Wharton, Isabella  c. 1823Orton, Westmorland, England I6911
19 Wharton, Isabella  c. 1825Orton, Westmorland, England I8339
20 Wharton, Isabella  c. 1836Orton, Westmorland, England I8277
21 Wharton, Isabella  1843Orton, Westmorland, England I8283
22 Wharton, Isabella Ion  1901Orton, Westmorland, England I27109
23 Wharton, James  c. 1771Orton, Westmorland, England I8305
24 Wharton, James  c. 1792Orton, Westmorland, England I8272
25 Wharton, James  c. 1803Orton, Westmorland, England I8267
26 Wharton, James  c. 1805Orton, Westmorland, England I8278
27 Wharton, James  c. 1807Orton, Westmorland, England I639
28 Wharton, James  c. 1809Orton, Westmorland, England I22157
29 Wharton, James  c. 1816Orton, Westmorland, England I8315
30 Wharton, James  c. 1836Orton, Westmorland, England I8291
31 Wharton, James  1855Orton, Westmorland, England I22132
32 Wharton, John  c. 1780Orton, Westmorland, England I7633
33 Wharton, John  c. 1784Orton, Westmorland, England I8257
34 Wharton, John  c. 1802Orton, Westmorland, England I8184
35 Wharton, John  c. 1806Orton, Westmorland, England I22158
36 Wharton, John  c. 1836Orton, Westmorland, England I22150
37 Wharton, John  1841Orton, Westmorland, England I642
38 Wharton, John  1841Orton, Westmorland, England I8270
39 Wharton, John  1841Orton, Westmorland, England I8282
40 Wharton, John  c. 1842Orton, Westmorland, England I26810
41 Wharton, John  1846Orton, Westmorland, England I2152
42 Wharton, Lancelot  1849Orton, Westmorland, England I8285
43 Wharton, Margaret  c. 1810Orton, Westmorland, England I22164
44 Wharton, Margaret  c. 1821Orton, Westmorland, England I22147
45 Wharton, Margaret  1846Orton, Westmorland, England I8284
46 Wharton, Mary  c. 1774Orton, Westmorland, England I8274
47 Wharton, Mary  c. 1820Orton, Westmorland, England I22146
48 Wharton, Mary  c. 1836Orton, Westmorland, England I8280
49 Wharton, Mary  1839Orton, Westmorland, England I641
50 Wharton, Mary  1839Orton, Westmorland, England I8292

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Ann  18 Feb 1812Orton, Westmorland, England I22163
2 Wharton, Ann  19 Sep 1821Orton, Westmorland, England I22142
3 Wharton, Ann  18 Apr 1847Orton, Westmorland, England I22140
4 Wharton, Christopher  26 May 1828Orton, Westmorland, England I6912
5 Wharton, Elizabeth  12 Jul 1818Orton, Westmorland, England I22144
6 Wharton, Hannah  30 Dec 1806Orton, Westmorland, England I22162
7 Wharton, James  17 Aug 1805Orton, Westmorland, England I8278
8 Wharton, James  19 Jun 1809Orton, Westmorland, England I22157
9 Wharton, James  8 Sep 1816Orton, Westmorland, England I8315
10 Wharton, John  2 Mar 1806Orton, Westmorland, England I22158
11 Wharton, John  28 Aug 1842Orton, Westmorland, England I8270
12 Wharton, John  28 Aug 1842Orton, Westmorland, England I26810
13 Wharton, Margaret  22 Jun 1810Orton, Westmorland, England I22164
14 Wharton, Margaret  19 Sep 1821Orton, Westmorland, England I22147
15 Wharton, Mary  15 Oct 1820Orton, Westmorland, England I22146
16 Wharton, Rachel  21 Dec 1823Orton, Westmorland, England I22148
17 Wharton, Robert  2 Sep 1808Orton, Westmorland, England I22159
18 Wharton, Robert Jackson  5 Nov 1865Orton, Westmorland, England I22137
19 Wharton, Sarah  13 Jun 1830Orton, Westmorland, England I22145
20 Wharton, Thomas  25 Feb 1827Orton, Westmorland, England I8289


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Ann  8 Jan 1816Orton, Westmorland, England I22163
2 Wharton, John  14 Aug 1817Orton, Westmorland, England I22158
3 Wharton, Robert Jackson  29 Dec 1871Orton, Westmorland, England I22137


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Savage, Isabella  1841Orton, Westmorland, England I8279
2 Simpson, Agnes  1851Orton, Westmorland, England I640
3 Wharton, Agnes  1841Orton, Westmorland, England I22149
4 Wharton, Ann  1841Orton, Westmorland, England I8281
5 Wharton, Ann  1851Orton, Westmorland, England I644
6 Wharton, Barbara  1851Orton, Westmorland, England I8266
7 Wharton, Elizabeth  1841Orton, Westmorland, England I22144
8 Wharton, James  1841Orton, Westmorland, England I22141
9 Wharton, James  1841Orton, Westmorland, England I8315
10 Wharton, James  1841Orton, Westmorland, England I8278
11 Wharton, James  1841Orton, Westmorland, England I22152
12 Wharton, James  1851Orton, Westmorland, England I639
13 Wharton, John  1841Orton, Westmorland, England I22150
14 Wharton, John  1851Orton, Westmorland, England I642
15 Wharton, Mary  1841Orton, Westmorland, England I22143
16 Wharton, Mary  1841Orton, Westmorland, England I22151
17 Wharton, Mary  1851Orton, Westmorland, England I641
18 Wharton, Robert  1851Orton, Westmorland, England I643
19 Wharton, Robert  1851Orton, Westmorland, England I8265
20 Wharton, Sarah  1841Orton, Westmorland, England I22145
21 Wharton, Thomas  1851Orton, Westmorland, England I8271


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Wharton / Peacock  31 May 1841Orton, Westmorland, England F3823