Salford, Lancashire, England



Latitude: 53.5058466, Longitude: -2.3468828999999687


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bown, Martha  c. 1852Salford, Lancashire, England I13508
2 Butler, Elizabeth  c. 1807Salford, Lancashire, England I6621
3 Butler, Henry  c. 1844Salford, Lancashire, England I6622
4 Butler, John  c. 1846Salford, Lancashire, England I6623
5 Butler, Thomas  c. 1849Salford, Lancashire, England I6624
6 Howarth, Elizabeth  c. 1849Salford, Lancashire, England I6629
7 Howarth, John  c. 1830Salford, Lancashire, England I6628
8 Unsworth, Hannah  c. 1827Salford, Lancashire, England I6619
9 Unsworth, John  c. 1803Salford, Lancashire, England I6616
10 Unsworth, William  c. 1834Salford, Lancashire, England I6620
11 Wharton, Abigail Hewitt  1878Salford, Lancashire, England I9200
12 Wharton, Abraham Hewitt  1878Salford, Lancashire, England I9204
13 Wharton, Ada  1866Salford, Lancashire, England I438
14 Wharton, Ada  1882Salford, Lancashire, England I10072
15 Wharton, Ada  1915Salford, Lancashire, England I19767
16 Wharton, Ada  1916Salford, Lancashire, England I19712
17 Wharton, Agnes  1917Salford, Lancashire, England I19743
18 Wharton, Alfred  1866Salford, Lancashire, England I19641
19 Wharton, Alfred  1902Salford, Lancashire, England I19800
20 Wharton, Alfred  1927Salford, Lancashire, England I19857
21 Wharton, Alfred Mortimor  c. 1827Salford, Lancashire, England I577
22 Wharton, Alice  c. 1832Salford, Lancashire, England I813
23 Wharton, Alice  1870Salford, Lancashire, England I19654
24 Wharton, Alice  1905Salford, Lancashire, England I19756
25 Wharton, Alice  1908Salford, Lancashire, England I19832
26 Wharton, Alice  1913Salford, Lancashire, England I19739
27 Wharton, Alice Cope  10 Jun 1834Salford, Lancashire, England I5770
28 Wharton, Alice Patricia  1913Salford, Lancashire, England I19735
29 Wharton, Ann  1854Salford, Lancashire, England I12391
30 Wharton, Ann Maria  1840Salford, Lancashire, England I815
31 Wharton, Annie  1886Salford, Lancashire, England I19773
32 Wharton, Annie  1913Salford, Lancashire, England I19766
33 Wharton, Arnold  1904Salford, Lancashire, England I19614
34 Wharton, Arthur  1872Salford, Lancashire, England I12411
35 Wharton, Arthur  1874Salford, Lancashire, England I19652
36 Wharton, Arthur  1892Salford, Lancashire, England I19598
37 Wharton, Arthur  1904Salford, Lancashire, England I19690
38 Wharton, Arthur  1915Salford, Lancashire, England I19861
39 Wharton, Benjamin  1870Salford, Lancashire, England I19645
40 Wharton, Bertha Pownall  1861Salford, Lancashire, England I12406
41 Wharton, Caroline  1879Salford, Lancashire, England I19594
42 Wharton, Catherine  1891Salford, Lancashire, England I19722
43 Wharton, Charles  1843Salford, Lancashire, England I10109
44 Wharton, Charles  1866Salford, Lancashire, England I19639
45 Wharton, Charles Beaumont  1864Salford, Lancashire, England I12412
46 Wharton, Charles Beaumont  1902Salford, Lancashire, England I19700
47 Wharton, Charles Bown  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I19675
48 Wharton, Charles Edward Bown  1885Salford, Lancashire, England I19677
49 Wharton, Charles Robert Berry  1886Salford, Lancashire, England I19823
50 Wharton, Clara  1859Salford, Lancashire, England I12402

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Alice Cope  20 Jul 1834Salford, Lancashire, England I5770
2 Wharton, Ann  13 Jun 1821Salford, Lancashire, England I5780
3 Wharton, Robert  2 Mar 1851Salford, Lancashire, England I6565


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Harrison, Martha  10 Nov 1857Salford, Lancashire, England I6630
2 Harrison, Martha  10 Nov 1857Salford, Lancashire, England I11405
3 Pownall, Francis  11 May 1911Salford, Lancashire, England I11481
4 Wharton, Bertha Pownall  24 Jan 1911Salford, Lancashire, England I11480
5 Wharton, Ernest  1887Salford, Lancashire, England I19679
6 Wharton, Florence Nora  1998Salford, Lancashire, England I12251
7 Wharton, George  1856Salford, Lancashire, England I11402
8 Wharton, Haley  25 Aug 1883Salford, Lancashire, England I6680
9 Wharton, Isabella  1849Salford, Lancashire, England I10179
10 Wharton, Isabella  1858Salford, Lancashire, England I12401
11 Wharton, John James Broadhurst  1859Salford, Lancashire, England I12404
12 Wharton, Joseph Laurier  1845Salford, Lancashire, England I10172
13 Wharton, Mary  4 Apr 1818Salford, Lancashire, England I11406
14 Wharton, Mary Jane  1851Salford, Lancashire, England I10217
15 Wharton, Mary Johnson  16 Dec 1826Salford, Lancashire, England I11407
16 Wharton, Robert  9 Jan 1838Salford, Lancashire, England I11395
17 Wharton, Ruth Dale  1863Salford, Lancashire, England I12389
18 Wharton, William Johnson  9 Jan 1892Salford, Lancashire, England I11409
19 Wharton, Zillah  19 Jul 1973Salford, Lancashire, England I18057


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Pownall, Francis  Salford, Lancashire, England I11481
2 Wharton, Bertha Pownall  Salford, Lancashire, England I11480
3 Wharton, Francis Sadler  1868Salford, Lancashire, England I6560
4 Wharton, George Nuttall  Salford, Lancashire, England I11611
5 Wharton, Joseph Laurier  30 Mar 1845Salford, Lancashire, England I10172
6 Wharton, Mary Jane  30 Nov 1851Salford, Lancashire, England I10217
7 Wharton, Robert  14 Jan 1838Salford, Lancashire, England I11395
8 Wharton, Sadler  10 Apr 1853Salford, Lancashire, England I12390


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bent, John  1851Salford, Lancashire, England I6566
2 Bent, Mary  1851Salford, Lancashire, England I6561
3 Bent, Mary  1851Salford, Lancashire, England I6567
4 Holland, Mary  1851Salford, Lancashire, England I6801
5 Lunt, Matilda  1871Salford, Lancashire, England I435
6 Wharton, Ada  1871Salford, Lancashire, England I438
7 Wharton, Elizabeth  1851Salford, Lancashire, England I6802
8 Wharton, Emma  1871Salford, Lancashire, England I436
9 Wharton, Frances  1871Salford, Lancashire, England I437
10 Wharton, Francis Sadler  1851Salford, Lancashire, England I6560
11 Wharton, George  1871Salford, Lancashire, England I440
12 Wharton, George H  1871Salford, Lancashire, England I434
13 Wharton, Harry  1871Salford, Lancashire, England I439
14 Wharton, John  1851Salford, Lancashire, England I6564
15 Wharton, John Lancelot  1851Salford, Lancashire, England I6804
16 Wharton, Lancelot  1851Salford, Lancashire, England I6800
17 Wharton, Martha  1851Salford, Lancashire, England I6563
18 Wharton, Mary  1851Salford, Lancashire, England I6803
19 Wharton, Mary Ann  1851Salford, Lancashire, England I6562
20 Wharton, Robert  1851Salford, Lancashire, England I6565


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Francis Sadler  1843Salford, Lancashire, England I6560


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Francis Sadler  1843Salford, Lancashire, England I6560
2 Wharton, Joseph Westhead  1843Salford, Lancashire, England I10160
3 Wharton, Sadler  1853Salford, Lancashire, England I12390


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gee / Wharton  1879Salford, Lancashire, England F5882