Sheffield, Yorkshire, England



Latitude: 53.38112899999999, Longitude: -1.47008500000004


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armitage, Eliza  c. 1818Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8656
2 Armitage, Rachael  c. 1792Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8658
3 Arnold, Emma  c. 1837Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17279
4 Arnold, William  c. 1802Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I15541
5 Arnold, William  c. 1840Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17280
6 Cooper, Elizabeth  c. 1794Sheffield, Yorkshire, England  I7040
7 Cooper, Emma  c. 1827Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17514
8 Croker, Bertha Howard  c. 1823Sheffield, Yorkshire, England  I7692
9 Dalton, Mary  c. 1796Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I6265
10 France, Nancy Clarissa  c. 1819Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8885
11 Glaves, Hannah  c. 1789Sheffield, Yorkshire, England  I9057
12 Glaves, Lydia  c. 1813Sheffield, Yorkshire, England  I9058
13 Howard, Margaret  c. 1838Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I16065
14 Hydes, Mary Ann  c. 1842Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I15524
15 Jubb, Mary A  c. 1828Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I16606
16 MacHin, Ellen  c. 1851Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8907
17 MacHin, John  c. 1827Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8905
18 MacHin, Mary Ann  c. 1849Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8906
19 Richardson, Elizabeth  c. 1808Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8899
20 Smith, Ann  c. 1848Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I16413
21 Stacey, Ellen  c. 1791Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8903
22 Stanley, Mary Ann  1852Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17453
23 Stubbs, Annie  c. 1834Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8897
24 Stubbs, Harriett  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8896
25 Taylor, Elizabeth  c. 1791Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8891
26 Warton, Alice  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I16427
27 Wharton, Ada  1865Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I9208
28 Wharton, Ada  1865Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17245
29 Wharton, Albert  1905Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I16421
30 Wharton, Alice  16 Jan 1798Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I5767
31 Wharton, Ann  17 Mar 1816Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8930
32 Wharton, Ann  3 Jan 1819Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I1007
33 Wharton, Ann  1855Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I15527
34 Wharton, Ann  1858Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I1503
35 Wharton, Ann Elizabeth  1875Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17324
36 Wharton, Annie  1858Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I16072
37 Wharton, Annie  1870Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I16327
38 Wharton, Annie Maria  1873Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17247
39 Wharton, Benjamin  c. 1813Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8655
40 Wharton, Benjamin  28 Nov 1820Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17592
41 Wharton, Benjamin  27 May 1821Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I1010
42 Wharton, Benjamin  1870Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17322
43 Wharton, Charles  7 Jan 1817Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8884
44 Wharton, Charles  c. 1836Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I9060
45 Wharton, Charles  1843Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17213
46 Wharton, Charles William  1860Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8720
47 Wharton, Charles William  1877Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I16415
48 Wharton, Chrissy Ernest  1879Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17325
49 Wharton, Edith Adeline  1855Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I16456
50 Wharton, Eliza  3 Jun 1823Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8888

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Alice  2 Mar 1798Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I5767
2 Wharton, Ann  12 Jun 1816Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8930
3 Wharton, Ann  21 Feb 1819Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I1007
4 Wharton, Benjamin  27 Jun 1821Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I1010
5 Wharton, Benjamin  9 Sep 1821Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17592
6 Wharton, Charles  19 Feb 1817Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8884
7 Wharton, Eliza  21 Mar 1824Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8888
8 Wharton, Eliza  3 Feb 1857Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17944
9 Wharton, Elizabeth  24 May 1826Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17593
10 Wharton, Francis  16 Nov 1770Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17923
11 Wharton, George  20 Nov 1767Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I16455
12 Wharton, George  24 Mar 1790Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8890
13 Wharton, George  17 Oct 1819Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I11499
14 Wharton, George  21 Jun 1822Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17513
15 Wharton, Henry  28 Aug 1831Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17588
16 Wharton, John  7 Feb 1772Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17924
17 Wharton, John  26 Sep 1828Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8892
18 Wharton, John  30 Aug 1857Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I16301
19 Wharton, John  18 Aug 1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I16306
20 Wharton, Joseph  9 Jun 1824Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8653
21 Wharton, Mary  25 Dec 1777Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17927
22 Wharton, Mary  29 Sep 1822Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17943
23 Wharton, Mary  7 Sep 1834Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I1009
24 Wharton, Mary Ann  11 Jul 1816Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17590
25 Wharton, Mary Eliza  16 Oct 1833Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8893
26 Wharton, Samuel  18 Oct 1818Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17591
27 Wharton, Sarah  2 Dec 1787Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17921
28 Wharton, Sarah  2 Feb 1817Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17942
29 Wharton, Sarah  30 Jul 1828Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I1008
30 Wharton, Sarah  1 Jul 1831Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17594
31 Wharton, Thomas  11 Jul 1824Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17940
32 Wharton, William  19 Aug 1810Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17941
33 Wharton, William  25 Sep 1816Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17587
34 Wharton, William Taylor  14 Mar 1820Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8648


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Emma  1878Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17279
2 Crossland, Nellie  1962Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I16969
3 Glaves, Hannah  6 Nov 1864Sheffield, Yorkshire, England  I9057
4 Glaves, Lydia  19 Oct 1875Sheffield, Yorkshire, England  I9058
5 Richardson, Elizabeth  1884Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8899
6 Wharton, Benjamin  1884Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I1010
7 Wharton, Charles  1843Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17213
8 Wharton, Charles  17 Apr 1871Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I9060
9 Wharton, Charles  17 Apr 1871Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I11495
10 Wharton, Charles Napier  1931Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I15268
11 Wharton, Eliza  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17944
12 Wharton, Eric  Mar 2004Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I2720
13 Wharton, George  15 Nov 1867Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8890
14 Wharton, Hannah  6 Nov 1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I11620
15 Wharton, Henry  14 Oct 1868Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I1449
16 Wharton, Henry  14 Oct 1868Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I11645
17 Wharton, Irene C  1915Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I11676
18 Wharton, Jackson  1912Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17315
19 Wharton, John  1883Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8898
20 Wharton, Joseph  7 Jul 1835Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I11497
21 Wharton, Lily  Oct 2004Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I2716
22 Wharton, Stanley  1927Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I16298
23 Wharton, Thomas  1876Sheffield, Yorkshire, England  I9059
24 Wharton, William  18 Mar 1851Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I11498
25 Wharton, William  8 Nov 1853Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I11496
26 Wharton, William John Leonard Cooke  1956Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17023
27 Wharton, William Reginald  2004Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I2712
28 Wharton, William Taylor  20 Feb 1860Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8648


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Glaves, Hannah  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England  I9057
2 Glaves, Lydia  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England  I9058
3 Richardson, Elizabeth  15 Jul 1884Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8899
4 Wharton, Charles  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I9060
5 Wharton, Charles  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I11495
6 Wharton, Charles Napier  19 Jan 1931Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I15268
7 Wharton, Hannah  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I11620
8 Wharton, Henry  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I1449
9 Wharton, Henry  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I11645
10 Wharton, Irene C  6 Aug 1915Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I11676
11 Wharton, John  29 Nov 1883Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8898
12 Wharton, Joseph  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I11497
13 Wharton, William  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I11496
14 Wharton, William  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I11498
15 Wharton, William John Leonard Cooke  16 Jun 1956Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17023


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Armitage, Eliza  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8656
2 Briggs, Maria  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8529
3 Cooper, Emma  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17514
4 France, Nancy Clarissa  1851Sheffield, Yorkshire, England  I8885
5 Glaves, Lydia  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I9058
6 Godbehere, Caroline  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I15525
7 Hydes, Mary Ann  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I15524
8 Smith, Ann  1871Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I16413
9 Stubbs, Annie  1851Sheffield, Yorkshire, England  I8897
10 Stubbs, Harriett  1851Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8896
11 Taylor, Elizabeth  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8891
12 Taylor, Elizabeth  1851Sheffield, Yorkshire, England  I8891
13 Waite, Rebecca  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I992
14 Warton, Eliza  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17605
15 Wharton, Ann  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17596
16 Wharton, Ann  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17598
17 Wharton, Ann  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17599
18 Wharton, Ann  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17650
19 Wharton, Ann  1851Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I1099
20 Wharton, Ann  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I1503
21 Wharton, Ann  1871Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17782
22 Wharton, Ann Elizabeth  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I15246
23 Wharton, Benjamin  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8998
24 Wharton, Benjamin  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8655
25 Wharton, Charles  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I9060
26 Wharton, Charles  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17649
27 Wharton, Charles  1851Sheffield, Yorkshire, England  I8884
28 Wharton, Charles William  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8720
29 Wharton, Edith Adeline  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I16456
30 Wharton, Elizabeth  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17593
31 Wharton, Elizabeth  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17603
32 Wharton, Elizabeth  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I15390
33 Wharton, Emily  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17244
34 Wharton, Fanny M  1851Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8889
35 Wharton, Fred  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8577
36 Wharton, George  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8890
37 Wharton, George  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17513
38 Wharton, George  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17673
39 Wharton, George  1851Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8890
40 Wharton, George  1851Sheffield, Yorkshire, England  I8916
41 Wharton, George  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17925
42 Wharton, Hannah  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17600
43 Wharton, Hannah  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17648
44 Wharton, Hannah  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17677
45 Wharton, Harriet  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I15528
46 Wharton, Henry  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I1449
47 Wharton, Henry  1851Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I8920
48 Wharton, Henry  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I1449
49 Wharton, Henry  1861Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I9000
50 Wharton, John  1851Sheffield, Yorkshire, England  I8892

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Benjamin  11 Jul 1816Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17589
2 Wharton, Joseph  19 Feb 1817Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I17676


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Stanley  5 Jan 1925Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I16298


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    School    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Stanley  5 Jan 1925Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I16298


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Parkin / Wharton  5 May 1845Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F3950
2 Wharton / Chapman  30 Nov 1766Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F4025
3 Wharton / Cooper  1854Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F4026
4 Wharton / Howard  1855Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F3567
5 Wharton / Hydes  1859Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F3866
6 Wharton / Jubb  1853Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F3296
7 Wharton / Lingard  1842Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F3854
8 Wharton / Stacey  16 Oct 1809Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F1894
9 Wharton / Taylor  15 Nov 1815Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F1891
10 Wharton / Whittles  29 Dec 1786Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F4024
11 Wharton / Wilkinson  29 Jul 1844Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F1817
12 Wharton / Windle  1839Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F1900