Wigan, Lancashire, England



Latitude: 53.5450645, Longitude: -2.6325074000000086


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Howard, Ellen  c. 1870Wigan, Lancashire, England I20130
2 Warton, Annie  1873Wigan, Lancashire, England I20234
3 Warton, William Henry  1868Wigan, Lancashire, England I20233
4 Wharton, Albert H  1923Wigan, Lancashire, England I20217
5 Wharton, Alfred  1897Wigan, Lancashire, England I20080
6 Wharton, Alfred  13 Jul 1924Wigan, Lancashire, England I18049
7 Wharton, Alfred Joseph  1900Wigan, Lancashire, England I20192
8 Wharton, Alfred Thomas  1891Wigan, Lancashire, England I20131
9 Wharton, Alice  1874Wigan, Lancashire, England I20179
10 Wharton, Arthur  1914Wigan, Lancashire, England I20052
11 Wharton, Arthur John  1883Wigan, Lancashire, England I20082
12 Wharton, Beatrice  1909Wigan, Lancashire, England I20249
13 Wharton, Christina  1914Wigan, Lancashire, England I20251
14 Wharton, Clara  1882Wigan, Lancashire, England I20198
15 Wharton, Clifford  1904Wigan, Lancashire, England I20194
16 Wharton, Cyril  1891Wigan, Lancashire, England I20086
17 Wharton, David  1904Wigan, Lancashire, England I20247
18 Wharton, David  1907Wigan, Lancashire, England I20162
19 Wharton, David Barry  29 Jul 1936Wigan, Lancashire, England I20067
20 Wharton, Doris  1923Wigan, Lancashire, England I20064
21 Wharton, Edith  1912Wigan, Lancashire, England I20250
22 Wharton, Edith  1920Wigan, Lancashire, England I20063
23 Wharton, Edith Mary  1930Wigan, Lancashire, England I20049
24 Wharton, Edna  1932Wigan, Lancashire, England I20050
25 Wharton, Edward  1905Wigan, Lancashire, England I20248
26 Wharton, Edward  1909Wigan, Lancashire, England I20163
27 Wharton, Elizabeth Alice  1903Wigan, Lancashire, England I20160
28 Wharton, Elizabeth Ellen  1891Wigan, Lancashire, England I20188
29 Wharton, Elizabeth G  1923Wigan, Lancashire, England I20238
30 Wharton, Ellen  1909Wigan, Lancashire, England I20158
31 Wharton, Emily  1879Wigan, Lancashire, England I20182
32 Wharton, Emily  1885Wigan, Lancashire, England I20199
33 Wharton, Emily  1903Wigan, Lancashire, England I20172
34 Wharton, Ernest  1893Wigan, Lancashire, England I20106
35 Wharton, Ernest  1924Wigan, Lancashire, England I20224
36 Wharton, Ethel  1904Wigan, Lancashire, England I20059
37 Wharton, Florence  1896Wigan, Lancashire, England I20236
38 Wharton, Florence  1905Wigan, Lancashire, England I20136
39 Wharton, Frank  1886Wigan, Lancashire, England I20084
40 Wharton, Frank  1892Wigan, Lancashire, England I20087
41 Wharton, Frederick Arthur  11 Nov 1891Wigan, Lancashire, England I20105
42 Wharton, George  1884Wigan, Lancashire, England I20083
43 Wharton, George  1900Wigan, Lancashire, England I20245
44 Wharton, George  17 Sep 1916Wigan, Lancashire, England I20146
45 Wharton, Harold  1911Wigan, Lancashire, England I20061
46 Wharton, Helen Kathleen  1943Wigan, Lancashire, England I20090
47 Wharton, Henry  1901Wigan, Lancashire, England I20193
48 Wharton, Herbert  1913Wigan, Lancashire, England I20062
49 Wharton, Hilda  1912Wigan, Lancashire, England I20164
50 Wharton, Horace  1921Wigan, Lancashire, England I20254

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Leonard  19 May 1880Wigan, Lancashire, England I11948


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Alfred  24 Aug 1973Wigan, Lancashire, England I18049
2 Wharton, Alfred Thomas  1892Wigan, Lancashire, England I20131
3 Wharton, Alfred Thomas  1934Wigan, Lancashire, England I20944
4 Wharton, Alice  1874Wigan, Lancashire, England I20179
5 Wharton, Arthur John  1885Wigan, Lancashire, England I20082
6 Wharton, Christina  1914Wigan, Lancashire, England I20251
7 Wharton, Cyril  1924Wigan, Lancashire, England I20086
8 Wharton, David  1905Wigan, Lancashire, England I20247
9 Wharton, David Barry  2000Wigan, Lancashire, England I20067
10 Wharton, Edith  1913Wigan, Lancashire, England I20250
11 Wharton, Edith Mary  1930Wigan, Lancashire, England I20049
12 Wharton, Florence  1897Wigan, Lancashire, England I20236
13 Wharton, Florence  1905Wigan, Lancashire, England I20136
14 Wharton, Frank  1887Wigan, Lancashire, England I20084
15 Wharton, Frank  1898Wigan, Lancashire, England I20087
16 Wharton, Frederick Arthur  1986Wigan, Lancashire, England I20105
17 Wharton, George  1980Wigan, Lancashire, England I20146
18 Wharton, Helen Kathleen  1944Wigan, Lancashire, England I20090
19 Wharton, James  1979Wigan, Lancashire, England I20152
20 Wharton, James Henry  1927Wigan, Lancashire, England I20259
21 Wharton, John Edward  1991Wigan, Lancashire, England I20168
22 Wharton, John George  1978Wigan, Lancashire, England I20098
23 Wharton, John Richard  1900Wigan, Lancashire, England I20134
24 Wharton, Joseph  1885Wigan, Lancashire, England I20186
25 Wharton, Joseph  1988Wigan, Lancashire, England I20147
26 Wharton, Lucy  1880Wigan, Lancashire, England I20196
27 Wharton, Margaret  1899Wigan, Lancashire, England I20265
28 Wharton, Mary Elizabeth  1897Wigan, Lancashire, England I20133
29 Wharton, Norman  1901Wigan, Lancashire, England I20135
30 Wharton, Stanley  1967Wigan, Lancashire, England I20156
31 Wharton, Thomas  1932Wigan, Lancashire, England I20165
32 Wharton, Walter  1978Wigan, Lancashire, England I20154
33 Wharton, Walter John  1901Wigan, Lancashire, England I20102
34 Wharton, Walter John  1957Wigan, Lancashire, England I20180
35 Wharton, William John  1906Wigan, Lancashire, England I20173
36 Wharton, William Mitchell  1945Wigan, Lancashire, England I10241